While relocating to Mexico for many is an exciting move, it can also be scary and complicated. Informing yourself as much as possible before immigrating is a great way to prepare well. Therefore, to help make your move a success we have answered more of your Frequently Asked Questions about relocating to Mexico. Read Part 1 here

How do I begin the immigration process in Mexico?

If you have already relocated to Mexico you must still make an appointment to visit a consulate outside of the country. (The only exception is if your partner, parent or child is a Mexican resident or citizen.) In order do this, contact the consulate directly or book through Mexitel – follow the instructions in our blog: How to Book an Appointment at a Mexican Consulate or Use Mexitel

In preparation for your Mexitel appointment, you must prepare paperwork to support your application. You can find the details of that here: About the Mexican Consulate Appointment for Permanent and Temporary Residency

Fortunately, if you are in a long-term partnership with a Mexican citizen or resident, you will not need a consulate appointment, but rather begin your application through the local immigration office. This also applies if you are a child/parent of a Mexican citizen/resident. Check our blogs on this for more information:

How to Get Mexican Residency through a Child or Parent

How to Get Temporary or Permanent Residency for Spouses and Partners

What happens during a Mexican consulate appointment in another country?

The appointment consists of an interview, review of paperwork and payment of fees. While in some locations you will get the visa on the same day, others you will have to return later. Therefore, you should consult your consulate to confirm their conditions. This blog provides more information: About the Mexican Consulate Appointment for Permanent and Temporary Residency

Is it necessary to start with temporary residency or can I get permanent residency immediately?

Immediate permanent residency is automatic for parents/children of Mexican residents/citizens. Otherwise, it is usually reserved for retirees. However, it can depend on which consulate you apply through, and what your personal circumstances are. So, contact your consulate or Adriana for more information: info@immigrationtomexico.mx

What consulates do you recommend using if I have already relocated to Mexico?

For an easier experience, we recommend Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas in the USA.

What happens after I get the visa at a consulate?

You will have to travel to Mexico within 180 days in order to complete the canje (exchange) procedure, and exchange your temporary visa for a resident’s card. 

What are the timelines for the residency process if I apply in Quintana Roo? 

As of July 2021 the procedure takes approximately two months. 

How can I prepare in order to make the residency application procedure as smooth as possible?

Inform yourself of the requirements well in advance. While the links in this article will help you get started, it is advisable, however, to contact your consulate directly. 

Then, prepare the documentation you will need early, and make several copies for your own records too. 

If you don’t speak Spanish, you will likely need someone to help you translate the forms and assist you at the appointments.

Bring sufficient cash to the consulate for payments. 

Organise your travel so you have enough time to do everything. 

Finally, if you need further assistance, hire a consultant. Immigration to Mexico can help with that.

What are my options for working in Mexico – employment, own business, etc.?

If you get permanent residency, it includes a work permit and you can work freely with this. Otherwise you will need to apply for a work permit in addition to temporary residency. You will need a job or a business. Read about the options here: How to Obtain a Mexican Work Visa via a Job Offer or New Business

How much will the residency procedure cost me?

In 2021 the charges are $4,413 MX for one-year temporary residency, and $5,379 MX for permanent residency. 

Find the full list here: How Much Are Mexican Immigration Fees in 2021? Consult the original fees list in Spanish here.

If you hire a consultant, they will have additional fees for their services. For a quotation from Immigration to Mexico, email info@immigratiotomexico.mx

How much savings/investments/income do I need to have for residency and how do I prove it?

Temporary residency: Proof of investments or savings for 12 months, equivalent to at least 5000 days of Mexican daily minimum wage ($141.70 pesos).

Permanent residency: Proof of monthly income for previous 6 months equivalent to 300 days of Mexican daily minimum wage ($141.70 pesos). 

Proof can be in the form of account statements, income slips, real estate documentation or business/company paperwork.

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