Parent and child

There are two ways of getting residency in Mexico via family unity. One is through the child/parent connection. The other is the spouse/partner connection.

In this article we look at family unity residency through a child or parent. To learn more about residency through a spouse/partner, read our article: How to Get Temporary or Permanent Residency for Spouses and Partners

Permanent or Temporary Residency?

If the parent or child is a permanent resident or Mexican citizen, then the applicant will get permanent residency. If the parent or child is a temporary resident, then the applicant will get temporary residency.

Procedure for Family Unity Residency through a Child or Parent

The Mexican resident/citizen should first apply for family reunification at their local immigration (INM) office


Then both family members should present the required documentation. This is done at their local consulate, or immigration office (if already in Mexico): 

  • Multiple Migratory Form (FMM), visitor card or temporary student resident card – original and copy

  • Passport of the applicant – original and copy 

  • Official ID of the Mexican family member – original and copy

  • Apostilled or certified birth certificate of the father or mother of a foreigner with temporary or permanent residence in Mexico

  • Immigration request form, filled in online, signed by the petitioner: – original and copy

  • Proof of fee payment – original and two copies

  • Data Protection Form (‘Tratamiento de Datos’ Form) (get it at the immigration office)

If a parent is a resident or citizen, the petitioner must present an apostilled or certified birth certificate as proof. This applies as long as the petitioner is under 18 years old and unmarried, or is under the resident’s guardianship or custody.


When the petitioner is a child of the spouse/partner of a resident/citizen, they must present the apostilled or certified birth certificate. They must also present the apostilled or certified marriage certificate, or other document certifying the partnership of the father or mother of the child. The above applies provided the child is under 18 years old and unmarried, or is under the guardianship or custody of the spouse/partner.


If a child’s parental authority or guardianship is the responsibility of a resident in Mexico, they should submit proof of this, issued by the competent authority. 

Next Steps

Having applied at a consulate, the applicant gets a Mexican visa in their passport to travel to Mexico. They must complete the residency process in Mexico. This entails exchange of the visa for the residency card within 180 days of entering, via the canje procedure. Read about the canje procedure: I Got My Mexican Visa at the Consulate – Now What? The Canje Procedure Explained

If applying from Mexico, after submitting the documents, the applicant will receive a link by email to check their status. Check it often! 

In both cases, the applicant will be called to give fingerprints and some time later to collect their card. 

For more info on residency through a child or parent, email Adriana Vela at

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