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Temporary Residency

The Mexico temporary resident visa is best for foreigners who intend to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days and up to four years. In most cases, the immigration process begins with an interview at your country’s Mexican consulate and finalizes in Mexico by doing something called CANJE (an exchange) at the National Immigration Institute (INM). We can help by arranging an appointment at the Mexican consulate and assisting with all the Mexican residency requirements. The CURP number is included in the quote.

Permanent Residency

The Mexico permanent resident visa is suited for foreigners who intend to stay in Mexico indefinitely. In most cases, the procedure has to be started at your country’s Mexican consulate and finalized in Mexico by doing something called CANJE (an exchange) at the INM. We can help by arranging an appointment at the Mexican consulate and assist throughout the Mexican residency visa process. The CURP number is included in the quote.

Permission to Exit and Re-Enter Mexico

Any foreigner who is traveling outside of Mexico, while having a pending immigration procedure is required to apply for an exit and re-entry permit (valid for 60 days). This permit must be requested at the INM office five days before departure. Our immigration experts can help with the application.

Mexico Work Visa

A Mexican working visa gives foreigners permission to legally work in  Mexico.  An immigration specialist can assist with this type of Mexican visa application from start to finish.

Family Union Visa

This immigration procedure allows foreigners to attain Mexican residency through marriage to a Mexican citizen or to a resident, or if a foreign couple has a child born in Mexico and has residency. This also applies if a foreigner has one parent with legal residency. This process can be done completely in Mexico with our facilitation.

Residency Renewals

Personalized help with renewals of temporary residency or permission to work.


Change of Immigration Status

The legal procedure to change from being on a tourist Mexican visa to obtaining residency status through a sibling, spouse, parent, or having child in Mexico. This procedure also allows a temporary resident to move towards permanent residency.


Mexican Citizenship

The process of “naturalization” or “citizenship” is optional to foreigners who demonstrate legal residency in Mexico for the last five consecutive years prior to the application date or two years of legal residency if they have a Mexican child or two years of legal marriage to a Mexican. You can also obtain Mexico citizenship if you have Mexican parents. Our immigration team is happy to help you get this process started!


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