If you apply for Mexican residency, you must attend an appointment at a Mexican consulate. In this article, learn how to prepare for it, and what happens during and after your consulate appointment.

Making a Mexican Consulate Appointment

We advise that you make an appointment at the Mexican consulate that is most convenient for you. You can do this directly by email, phone or in person with your chosen consulate. Firstly, search in Google for Mexican consulate + location to find the contact details of your local consulate. Otherwise, refer to this world embassy website: Mexican embassies and consulates. If you cannot book directly, do it through Mexitel or contact info@immigrationtomexico.mx for assistance.

Booking Your Appointment with Mexitel

Mexitel is a website for booking appointments at Mexican consulates globally. Follow this link to access Mexitel’s online system: Citas SRE  


For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Mexitel system, see our blog: How to Book an Appointment at a Mexican Consulate or Use Mexitel

Before Your Consulate Appointment

If your consulate is not in your current location, check the waiting time between your interview and getting the visa. Generally, in the USA, you get your visa in a couple of hours. However, there are a few sites that take longer. Therefore, you should consult your consulate well in advance, in order to organize travel and accommodation.


Keep in mind that every procedure and consulate has different requirements. Again, it is wise to contact your consulate for full details before your appointment. However, the basic requisites are listed below:


Passport of the applicant – original and copy

Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) – original and copy

Proof of fee payment – original and two copies

Immigration request form, filled in online, and signed: https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html – original and copy

Data Protection Form (‘Tratamiento de Datos’ Form) get it on-site


Costs vary for each type of residency: temporary (1-4 years) or permanent. The amounts are updated every year. Check our blog for this year’s fees: How Much Are Mexican Immigration Fees in 2022?

At Your Consulate Appointment

A consulate interview should take approx. 20 minutes. However, it will depend on what the agent asks you. Remember to bring all required paperwork, and don’t forget cash to pay your fees and get photos in advance. Following a successful appointment, you’ll receive a visa in your passport. Well done! Now you’re one step closer to Mexican residency. 

After Your Consulate Appointment

Officially, you have 180 days to enter Mexico with your new visa. However, at the time of writing there is a 90 day backlog in many locations in Mexico. So, it is best to (re)enter within 90-120 days to begin the canje procedure. Canje is the exchange of your visa for a resident’s card.

To learn more about the canje process, see our blog: I Got My Mexican Visa at the Consulate – Now What? The Canje Procedure Explained.

For help with Mexican consulate appointments and other matters, contact Adriana at: info@immigrationtomexico.mx.