Man packing van with boxes to move house

Did you know that you must notify immigration of a change of address? If you are a Mexican resident, you have certain obligations. One of those is to keep your immigration records up to date. One of the most common notifications is the change of address. In this article we explain what you must do.

If you change address in Mexico, you must inform your local INM office within 90 days of the change. Here are the steps you must take:

Book an appointment at your local INM office. This varies according to location. In Playa del Carmen, for example, they set appointments around 8 am – 8:45 am daily. However, we suggest arriving as early as 7 am to secure your place.

Gather your documentation:

We recommend making a copy of all documentation for presentation. You will also be asked to sign a data privacy form. 

Arrive for your appointment 10 minutes in advance. Present your documentation to the agent.

Once everything is verified, you should sign a confirmation form. You then receive a confirmation of the paperwork registration with a reference number. A few days later you will receive an email with a link and password. Use these to download a final resolution communication for your records. 

Please note that it is obligatory to notify immigration of a change of address everytime it occurs. The procedure is free of charge. 

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