Residency in Mexico is possible via many routes. In this article, however, we look at temporary and permanent residency for spouses and partners. Its name is residency for family unity (Residencia Por Vinculo Familiar)

Residency for spouses and partners

You can apply for this if your spouse or partner is already a resident or a Mexican citizen. You can apply from a local immigration office in Mexico. In that case, you should enter Mexico as a tourist beforehand, if you’re not already there. 


You will first need to schedule an appointment at the INM office to complete this procedure. Now, let’s look at the requirements for your appointment.



  • Passport of the applicant – original and copy 
  • Downloaded and completed Multiple Migratory Form (FMM)
  • Credit or debit card for fee payment at the INM office
  • Printed immigration request form, completed online and signed:
  • Data Protection Form (‘Tratamiento de Datos’ Form) (provided at the immigration office)
  • Official ID of the Mexican family member, or current resident’s card and passport of the resident – original and copy

Other requirements

If you did not marry in Mexico, then you will also need an apostilled marriage certificate. It should also be translated if it is not in Spanish. The translation should be done by a certified legal translator (perito traductor) in Mexico.

Whereas, if you married in Mexico, you will simply need your Mexican marriage certificate.

Unmarried couples need an official apostilled document certifying the partnership according to civil legislation. It should state that you and the Mexican citizen or resident have lived together in a constant, permanent manner for the relevant period.


Book an appointment directly at your local immigration office in Mexico. Attend the appointment and provide the paperwork listed above. If everything is in order, you will be asked to provide fingerprints, get your photo taken and hopefully receive your card on the same day.

Once approved, you get temporary residency first, for two years. Then they grant permanent residency only after two years of marriage/partnership with a Mexican citizen/resident, and two years of temporary residency.

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