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Understanding the Difference Between Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Mexico

A frequent question I get asked by prospective immigrants to Mexico is, ‘What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?’ It is an important question, and one that should be clarified as confusion between the terms exists. The answer, however, is simple.  Difference between Permanent Residency and Citizenship Mexican… Read More

Getting Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico – Mighty Buffalo Podcast with Adriana Vela

In this Mighty Buffalo podcast, Adriana Vela talks about Getting Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico.  Mighty Buffalo is a brand that promotes travel for cultural awareness, with a focus on Mexico. Host Travis Scott Luther interviews Adriana on questions that he commonly encounters from his followers. Topics covered in… Read More


Can Expats from the US and Canada Get a Permanent Resident Visa in Mexico Straightaway?

The permanent resident visa can be issued to a foreigner who intends to reside indefinitely (forever) in Mexico.   Foreigners granted permanent resident visas have the right to enter and leave Mexico as often as desired. This residency status never expires. They can also bring their personal property into Mexico… Read More

Adriana Vela on Expats Like Us Podcast

Navigating Mexican Residency and Immigration in 2024 – Podcast Interview

In this article we share a recent interview with Adriana Vela on navigating Mexican residency and immigration in 2024. The interview is part of a podcast series from Expats Like Us: Life in Mexico ‒  a popular YouTube channel. An Argentinian national, Adriana has been a resident in Mexico herself… Read More

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What You Need to Know About the Mexico City Immigration Office

What do you need to know about the Mexico City immigration office? Mexico City ( also CDMX, or Ciudad de Mexico in Spanish) is a popular destination for immigrants, espcially digital nomads and remote workers. It has world-class facilities, yet a lower cost of living than other comparable North American… Read More

How to Apply for Permanent Residency through a Child Born in Mexico (Family Unity)

If a child is born in Mexico to a non-Mexican parent, it entitles the parent to permanent residency. This residency is granted upon application. In this article we explain how to apply for permanent residency through your Mexican-born child. The Family Union Visa The family union visa is issued to… Read More

Is Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Mexico and Recognized for Immigration?

Is same-sex marriage legal in Mexico, and recognized for immigration in all states?  Many of our clients from the gay community ask us when applying for residency in Mexico: Is same-sex marriage legal in Mexico? Is it recognized for the purposes of residency?  The answer is YES! Mexico City was… Read More