If a child is born in Mexico to a non-Mexican parent, it entitles the parent to immediate permanent residency. This residency is granted upon application.

In this article we explain how to apply for permanent residency through your Mexican-born child.

The Family Union Visa

The family union visa is issued to foreigners with family ties to a Mexican or resident of Mexico. It therefore grants the foreign family member temporary or permanent residency in Mexico. The type of residency depends on the kind of family tie.

In the case of a child born in Mexico to a non-Mexican parent, this entitles their parent(s) to immediate permanent residency. However, the parent must apply for the residency to be granted. 

How to apply for permanent residency via a Mexican-born child

To apply, the applicant submits the required documentation to the local immigration office or consulate:

  • Copy of their passport, identity and travel document, or official document presented to obtain their current status in Mexico: visitor/temporary resident. If submitting the Forma Migratoria Multiple (for tourists), include the original. 

  • Original temporary resident card or visitor card, or valid FMM (tourists).

  • Proof of payment of fees 

  • Official identification document of the Mexican (passport or Mexican birth certificate).

The applicant must prove their family tie with their Mexican child, as the foreign parent. In this case, the birth certificate of the Mexican-born child is a required document.

When presenting foreign public documents, apostille or legalize them in advance, and submit a Spanish translation for each one. Only translations performed by an official translator (perito traductor) are acceptable.

In addition to the documents listed above, the applicant completes, prints and signs a procedure request to apply. It can be found at the following link: https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html

Make appointments to submit documents and initiate the procedure in advance online: https://citas.inm.gob.mx/foreign/login 

Please verify all requirements at your local immigration office because there may be variations between cases.

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