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Will you move to Mexico in 2023? 

After the difficulty of 2020 and 2021, 2022 finally feels like we are getting back on our feet. Of course, many things are different now. The pandemic changed the world and we have seen new trends in immigration as a result. This year at Immigration to Mexico we have seen new applications from US, Canada, UK and Germany increase. The demographics of newcomers to Mexico are changing too as more young people, remote workers and families make the move. We imagine that 2023 will see Mexico becoming even more popular as a relocation destination. Here are a few reasons why you might also move to Mexico next year.

Don’t Delay Your Dreams

An attitude that has arisen from the pandemic years is that we should not delay taking action on our dreams. Now we know, more than ever, that something out of our control might delay them further. So, if immigrating to Mexico or elsewhere has been on your wishlist, 2023 could be the time to do it.

Ease Financial Stress

Unfortunately, the financial situation of many has worsened over the past 36 months. Mexico has not been untouched by the rising cost of living in 2022. Fortunately, however, Mexico still offers lower living costs than other North American or European countries. Therefore, a move to Mexico in 2023 could ease financial burdens. It could also offer a standard of lifestyle similar to that of your home country.

Remote Work Is Possible from Mexico

Now remote working is rising in popularity and possibility worldwide. You may therefore be able to work from Mexico while keeping your position abroad by getting temporary residency. Consult your employer, and check out articles on temporary residency requirements on our website, and on the Mexican government website. You could be working from Mexico sooner than you think. 

If you are a freelancer and work online, temporary residency in Mexico could also work for you. You must meet financial conditions, however. Consult your local consulate for the most up-to-date figures for your situation.

The reasons above are relevant to our experiences in 2022. There are many more reasons to move to Mexico in 2023. Read them in our blog 10 Simple Reasons to Immigrate to Mexico

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