Everyone has a different reason to relocate to Mexico. However, the most common reasons are the cost of living and a warmer climate. Many Canadians and US citizens are searching for a less hectic lifestyle than that of their increasingly expensive home countries.

The Covid pandemic also affected immigration to Mexico, as more people explored remote work opportunities. Remote work is now a popular practice in North America. 

The residency process is relatively inexpensive and accessible for many. If you are looking to start a new life, Mexico is undoubtedly a great place to begin. 

Here Are 10 Simple Reasons to Relocate to Mexico

  1. The cost of living: It is certainly possible to live more comfortably on your pension in Mexico compared to other North American countries. So, why not take advantage of the lifestyle and amenities you deserve at a fraction of the cost?

  2. Affordable real estate: Imagine affording a beautiful condo at the beach or in a charming town!

  3. Very low property taxes and maintenance fees. 

  4. Quick and easy access to affordable, private, world-class health care, dental care, specialists, and surgeons. Prices can be up to 50% lower than the rest of North America, with minimal wait times.

  5. Discovery of a new culture and a new language to learn.

  6. Proximity to Canada and the US, not to mention the ease of travel back and forth. Hundreds of flights depart daily.

  7. The perfect opportunity to downsize your life; get rid of all the things that weigh you down, slow down, get out of the rat race, and then enjoy a relaxed pace in Mexico. 

  8. Well-established English-speaking expat communities to make you feel right at home. 

  9. No quarantine period for bringing your pets back and forth between Canada, the US and Mexico.

  10. Ease of obtaining residency; we can assist you – just send us a message to

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