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In this You Tube interview from November 2021, Adriana shares her immigration expertise with Michelle Wedderburn from Expat Life Mexico: From San Miguel de Allende (formerly Afro Expats).

During the 1hr16min interview, Michelle and Adriana discuss recent changes to Mexican immigration procedures. Changes include the standard 180-day stay, especially relevant for snowbirds who are used to entering for six month stays, and the various ways you can get temporary and permanent residency, such as economic solvency and property ownership. 

They also discuss:

  • immigration when entering by land vs air
  • advice for digital nomads
  • residency renewals 
  • residency via work permit
  • requirements for retirees
  • residency for families
  • apostilled documentation
  • emigrating with children 

In a question and answer session, Adriana responds to various scenarios that a prospective resident might have, and offers expert advice on the best course of action.

Since COVID, Mexican immigration procedures have been changing often and rapidly. While Adriana sheds light on best practices at that time, we recommend that you check with your local consulate or contact Adriana directly at for the most up-to-date information for your circumstances.

You can also find articles on most of the topics discussed on this blog. Just use the search bar in the top corner of the blog homepage and search for a relevant keyword such as ‘digital nomad’. 

Michelle Wedderburn is the founder and CEO of Expat Life Mexico (formerly Afro Expats) and Casa ELM Boutique Guesthouse. She is an expat mentor and relocation consultant who helps people “confidently navigate their temporary or permanent move to San Miguel de Allende.”

Learn more about Michelle’s services at, on YouTube Expat Life Mexico: From San Miguel de Allende  and

View Adriana’s own YouTube channel at Immigration to Mexico With Adriana Vela