So you finally got your temporary or permanent residency. Congratulations! Remember, however, now you have certain obligations as a resident in Mexico. You must also keep your immigration records up to date. Failure to do so could result in problems and fines. So keep yourself right with these reminders. 

What are my obligations as a resident in Mexico?

Foreigners in Mexico with temporary or permanent residency must notify INM of any changes to their status. Specifically, those status changes are: name, civil status (marriage/divorce), nationality, address, and place of work.

Whenever you undergo one of the above changes, notify your local INM office within 90 days. Failure to notify INM or to do so later than 90 days from the change could result in a fine. Let’s avoid that!

How do I notify INM of changes?

Book an appointment at your local office to notify them of the changes. Then prepare your paperwork in advance. Each procedure requires different documents. For example, change of civil status requires a marriage or divorce certificate. Change of address requires a recent utility bill – not older than 90 days. You must also provide your passport and current resident’s card.

All procedures require you to produce an immigration procedure request form. In Spanish this is Formato para solicitar trámite migratorio de estancia. Complete, download it from the site, and sign it.

You must also sign a letter explaining the changes: Carta para notificar cambio de domicilio. You can create a template with your details. Click here to enter the site.

Note that there is no INM fee to make these changes.

Look out for our upcoming articles on the various changes and their specific requirements. We aim to keep you informed.

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