Residency in Mexico. What to do if your spouse does not fulfill financial requirements at the Mexican consulate!

Do not panic if when applying for residency (permanent or temporary) you do succeed and get your residency and your spouse does not.

At first sight this may seem to be a large and distressing problem. But, keep calm, this is an issue that can be resolved from Mexico without having to apply at a Mexican consulate, either in the US, Canada or wherever, again! This procedure is called RESIDENCIA POR VINCULO FAMILIAR (Family Union Residency).

The only detail is that in this situation, you will need your apostilled or legalized marriage certificate.

As I mentioned in my previous article, if you were married in the US, this document has to be apostilled (legalized) in the Secretary of State of the state where you were married.

If you got married in Canada, the certificate has to be legalized at a Mexican consulate.

Once the marriage certificate is certified, it has to be translated into Spanish by a government appointed translator (Perito Traductor), in Mexico.

Once a spouse gets his/her resident card at the INM office in Mexico, the other partner can get their own resident card at the same INM office in Mexico, without travelling to a Mexican consulate abroad.

Apart from the certified and translated marriage certificate, the spouse will need the usual documentation to apply for a procedure at the INM office in Mexico.

That is to say, passports of both spouses, spouse’s resident card, proof of address, FMM (INM form that proves the tourist status of the holder), a letter in Spanish signed by both spouses, three (3) filled out forms, and three (3) small size pictures. Also the payment of immigration rights fees must be made.

After application, the new applicant, will get temporary residency if the spouse already has theirs.

In case the first spouse has received permanent residency, the second one will get two (2) years of temporary residency and after that, permanent residency, if applied.

Take into account that the range of time for this procedure varies depending on each city in Mexico.

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