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Residency in Mexico is possible via several routes. In this article we explore temporary and permanent residency for family unity. 

You can apply for family unity residency if your child, parent, spouse or partner is a resident or Mexican citizen.


If you are the parent of a Mexican child, you will get permanent residency upon applying. Otherwise, you will get temporary residency first for two years. Then you will be eligible for permanent residency.

Required Documentation

To apply, you must present the required documentation to the local immigration office or consulate: 

  • Passport of the applicant – original and copy 

  • Multiple Migratory Form (FMM), visitor card or temporary student resident card – original and copy

  • Proof of fee payment – original and two copies

  • Immigration request form, filled in online, signed by the petitioner: – original and copy

  • Data Protection Form (‘Tratamiento de Datos’ Form) (provided at the immigration office)

  • Official ID of the Mexican family member, or current resident’s card and passport of the resident – original and copy

Parent/Child Applicants

  • Apostilled or certified birth certificate of the father or mother of a foreigner with temporary or permanent residence in Mexico.

If a parent is a resident, the petitioner must present an apostilled or certified birth certificate as proof. This applies if the petitioner is under 18 years old and is unmarried, or is under the resident’s guardianship or custody.

If the petitioner is a child of the spouse/partner of a resident, they must present the apostilled or certified birth certificate and the apostilled or certified marriage certificate, or the document certifying the partnership of the parent of the child. The above applies if the child is under 18 years old and is not married, or is under the guardianship or custody of the spouse/partner.


If a child’s parental authority or guardianship is the responsibility of a resident in Mexico, official documentation proving this should be submitted. 

Spouse/Partner Applicants

  • Apostilled or certified marriage certificate, in case of spouse who is Mexican or temporary/permanent resident in Mexico

  • If not married to a Mexican or a holder of temporary or permanent residence in Mexico: an official document certifying the partnership in accordance with civil legislation. It should state that the petitioner and the Mexican citizen or resident have co-lived in a constant, permanent manner for the corresponding period.

The foreigner can get permanent residency only after two years of marriage/partnership with a Mexican citizen and two years of temporary residency in Mexico.

Once the documentation is submitted, the immigration agent will inform you on the next steps.


For more information onresidency, consult the blog: Pros and Cons of Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico


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