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Residency in Mexico is possible via several routes. In this article we explore temporary and permanent residency for family unity. 

You can apply for family unity residency if your child, parent, spouse or partner is a resident or Mexican citizen.


If you are the parent of a Mexican child, you will get permanent residency upon applying. Otherwise, you will get temporary residency first for two years. Then you will be eligible for permanent residency.

Required Documentation

To apply, you must present the required documentation to the local immigration office or consulate: 

  • Passport of the applicant – original and copy 

  • Immigration request form, filled in online, signed by the applicant: – original and copy
  • Data Protection Form (‘Tratamiento de Datos’ Form) (provided at the immigration office)
  • Official ID of the Mexican family member, or current resident’s card and passport of the resident – original and copy

Additional Documentation

Parent/Child Applicants

  • Apostilled or certified birth certificate of the father or mother of a foreigner with temporary or permanent residence in Mexico.

If a parent is a resident, the applicant must also present an apostilled or certified birth certificate as proof. This applies if the applicant is under 18 years old and is unmarried, or is under the resident’s guardianship or custody.

If the application is for a child of the spouse/partner of a resident, they must present the apostilled or certified birth certificate and the apostilled or certified marriage certificate, or the document certifying the partnership of the parent of the child. The above applies if the child is under 18 years old and is not married, or is under the guardianship or custody of the spouse/partner.


If a child’s parental authority or guardianship is the responsibility of a resident in Mexico, official documentation proving this should be submitted. 

Spouse/Partner Applicants

  • Apostilled or certified marriage certificate, in case of a spouse who is Mexican or temporary/permanent resident in Mexico

  • If not married to a Mexican or a holder of temporary or permanent residence in Mexico: an official document certifying the partnership in accordance with civil legislation. It should state that the applicant and the Mexican citizen or resident have co-lived in a constant, permanent manner for the corresponding period.

The foreigner can get permanent residency only after two years of marriage/partnership with a Mexican citizen and two years of temporary residency in Mexico. Once the documentation is submitted, the immigration agent will inform you on the next steps.

For more information on residency, consult the blog: Pros and Cons of Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico


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42 thoughts on “Requirements to Apply for Residency for Family Unity in Mexico”

    1. Hi Gloria, you must make the payment at a bank using the required documentation. The bank will provide you with a receipt. This is the proof of payment and you should bring two copies to Immigration. You can pay in cash at the bank.

  1. Hi,

    I currently have a temporary residency visa and my girlfriend is Mexican. She is due to give birth to our child early next year.

    Would this mean that I can switch my temporary residency visa to a permanent one after the birth?

  2. If I marry my mexican girlfriend and receive a marriage certificate here in Mexico, do I need to prove my income or bank balance to receive a temporary residency visa? Thanks

    1. Hi Wesley, if you are financially dependent on your Mexican wife (or you do not meet the fininacial requirements for temporary residency alone), you can apply for residency via family union. In this case you won’t have to prove your income. Please contact for more information.

  3. If my father lives in Mexico and is a citizen born in Mexico, and I’m over 21 born in us, but want to go live with him, but do not have any bank account at all (strictly a cash man) , am I out of luck and just have to leave and re enter every 6 months?

  4. Hello, my partner is leaving in Mexico after he retired in United States, and I’m a retired US citizen. I been in Mexico 2x and I was given to stayed for 6 months. Right now I went back to Mexico and I was only given 2 months to stay. We been together here in US for 15 years . I would like to stay there longer so I can take care of him. He had a health issue. Please advice and thank you in advanced.

  5. My husband is a Mexican National and lives in Mexico City. I live in the US. Can I apply and complete the process for Temporary Residency here in the US at a consulate office or do I need to apply and complete the process in Mexico?

      1. Following up to say that I went to the Mexican consulate here in my state in the US to start the process but since my husband LIVES in Mexico I couldn’t start the process in the US because he had to be physically present with me. Completely frustrating. So I will travel to Mexico to try to obtain my TR. I have no faith that process will go smoothly bc it seems that getting straightforward directions to do anything with the Mexican government is impossible. Anyway, I hope my update helps others in the same situation.

        1. My elder brother got his Permanent Residence permit through her daughter here in Mexico. Can I, his brother qualify for Permanent or temporary residence permit?

  6. My husband is Mexican National. We have been married 3.5 years. We are just now applying for my residency through family unity. Which fees do we pay? Temporary or permenant?

    1. You must decide which to apply for. If you are financially dependent on your spouse it will be temporary. You can apply for permanent after having temporary status for 2 years.

      1. My dad and mom are TEMPORARY residents in Mexico …

        Can I also get temporary residency ?? Do I need to provide bank / economic solvency proof ??

        Thank You so much

  7. We paid 6 months ago over 8,000 pesos and the agent said I had to change my name on my passport so we have done it now it matches our marriage cert. All the agent did was look at our paperwork in Toulca Mexico..
    Will we have to pay the fees again ?

  8. Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  9. Hello there! I got married few months again and after that I revived temporary residency card but as we were just after honeymoon we came back broke and I pay only half of it(5000 MXN Or something). So basically my card is valid for a year. Our financial situation is stable now but we are planning to live in Europe for a while.

    Can I go now the the immigration to pay what’s left and cover my next year? Will I get new card or I will need to pick it up once the old one expires?

    Thank you in advance

  10. Hello there!

    I got two years residency due to my marriage. I payed only for one and that’s what stand in my temporary residency card. Now few weeks after our honeymoon we are financially stable again and I would like pay what’s left and request two years card. Can I do it now or I have to wait till this card expires. The problem is that we are moving to Europe and I would have to fly back in April next year only to issue this payment/extension…

    Thank you in advance for you replay


  11. I have been married to a Mexican Citizen for 6 years. He resides in Mexico and I am in the US. I wanted to set up an appointment at the consular office in Chicago to apply for my 2 year temporary visa. It mentions that he has to be present for the interview in Chicago. Am I understanding that correctly?

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