have an EMERGENCY and must leave Mexico

What to Do if You Have an Emergency and Must Leave Mexico Before Your Residency Is Confirmed?

You have an emergency and must leave Mexico. However, your canje, residency renewal or change of condition procedure is still in progress. In this article we explain what to do.

If you want or need to leave Mexico while your immigration status is being processed, you will have to get an exit and re-enter permit to leave the country. As a general rule, this process takes four business days.

In Case of Emergency

Immigration procedures in this part of Mexico – Playa del Carmen and Cancun – are currently taking between four and five months. As a result, many clients ask me the same question:

What should I do if I have an emergency and I have to leave Mexico in a hurry?

At Immigration to Mexico we experienced this situation three times in the last few months.

The answer is simple: You have to go to the INM office with the usual paperwork for an exit and re-enter permit. Ask an authority if you can get the permit on the same day or the following day, at the latest. Consult the paperwork requirements here (in Spanish): Exit and Re-entry Permission Requirements.

It is essential to bring written proof from a doctor (in case of serious illness, surgery, death of primary relative). You should receive the permission to get the exit permit faster than usual.

For further information on the exit and re-enter permit, read our other article: Useful Tips About the Canje Procedure and Traveling Out of Mexico.

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