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These are the recommended documents you need to bring with you when you move to Mexico. We all know, because we were in this situation, that once you decide to relocate to Mexico or anywhere, the last thing you would like to do is to start procedures to get documents for your new country of residence. Therefore, according to our own experience, it is advisable to bring certain documentation that you might need for future procedures. This will save you time and money when the moment to use this documentation comes. First of all, a “MUST” is the apostilled or legalized marriage certificate and your birth certificate. The marriage certificate will be needed in case your spouse did not get residency at a Mexican consulate and wants to get his/her residency in Mexico, through you as the bearer of a resident card. This procedure of RESIDENCIA POR VINCULO MATRIMONIAL (Residency through marriage) can be fulfilled totally in Mexico, without the need to travel to a Mexican consulate outside of Mexico. The birth certificate will be used to give your son or daughter their residency in Mexico, through your own resident status. Another important document may be your apostilled or legalized academic degrees, in case you want to either study or get a job in Mexico. Some countries, that have signed the “Hague Treaty”, like USA require you to legalize your documents to be presented in Mexico at the Secretary of State in the state where the facts occurred (marriage or birth). Other countries, that have not signed this treaty, like Canada, require you to legalize your documents at a Mexican consulate or embassy in Canada. If you do not bring these documents with you, it will be a burden. As you will have to either travel to your home town to have them apostilled or legalized, or have them sent by post with the risk to have them lost on its way home. Conclusion: Before taking up residency in Mexico, be sure to legalize and bring the following documents with you as they may be needed at some point.  
  • Apostilled or legalized marriage certificate.
  • Apostilled or legalized birth certificates.
  • Apostilled or legalized academic degrees.
  Getting any official document after arriving, may be very time consuming and expensive when done from a long distance.

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