There are several steps between getting your visa at a Mexican consulate abroad and receiving your resident card in Mexico. Read on for a summary. 

Arrival in Mexico

Once arrived in Mexico with your new visa, you have 30 days to begin the procedure to obtain your resident card. You do this at the INM (immigration office). You will have to submit forms, a letter of request in Spanish, passport and visa (original and copy) and proof of Mexican address. In addition, you must pay immigration fees at a Mexican bank. Take two copies of the payment receipt for your paperwork.

Once all your documents are ready and signed in blue ink, make an appointment at the INM to begin the canje procedure.

The Canje Procedure

After some weeks (varies according to your location), the INM will email to tell you if your application was approved. You will then have to go to the INM again to schedule an appointment. At this appointment you provide fingerprints, get your photo taken and pick up your resident card. Always remember to bring your passport with you when you visit the INM. And always sign your name as it appears in your passport.

You’ll find more details on the canje procedure in this article: I Got My Mexican Visa at the Consulate – Now What? The Canje Procedure Explained.

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