Mexican resident cards

Oh dear! What do you do when your Mexican resident card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed?

Well, your resident card is an official identification document, similar to a passport. So if you lose, damage or have it stolen, take it seriously. Get a new one as soon as possible. 

The procedure is repositioning (reposición). Note that you do not simply get a replacement card for your lost one. It is an entirely new process – similar to your original application. Repositioning is also the procedure for lost FMM visitor (tourist) cards. 

First, make an appointment at your local INM office. In Playa del Carmen, visit the INM office between 7:00am and 12:45 pm to book an appointment. Then gather your documentation. 

Documentation to reposition your lost, stolen or damaged resident card

  • Original immigration request form, filled online and printed and signed

  • Identification document that you used to obtain the original resident card or FMM

  • Formato basico document  – completed, printed and signed

Also, if possible, include your original card (or document) if it was partially or completely damaged/destroyed. For cards lost or stolen abroad, report the loss at a Mexican consulate/embassy. They will stamp a temporary visa in your passport. Then do the reposición process when you return to Mexico. Remember, do not enter Mexico without your card or the temporary visa. If you do this, you will lose your resident status.

At the appointment

Attend your appointment with two witnesses to verify how your card was lost, stolen or damaged. Present your documents, confirm your identity again and provide biometrics (photo, fingerprints, etc.). Then pay for the procedure directly at the INM office with Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards.

In 2023, it costs $1573 MX to reposition a temporary or permanent resident card. While the fee for a lost FMM/tourist card is $687 MX. See our article on INM fees in 2023.

Remember also to make copies of your paperwork and ID for your own records. Fortunately, if you present the correct paperwork, you should get a new card on the same day.

For assistance if your Mexican resident card is lost, stolen or damaged, contact