Mexican resident cards

Oh dear! Your Mexican resident card has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Don’t worry; you can get a new one through the repositioning (reposición) procedure, as long as the card’s still valid. This is also the procedure for lost FMM visitor (tourist) cards. 

Note that you do not get a replacement resident card. The reposicion procedure is an entirely new process. It takes a few days. However, it requires you to provide fingerprints, etc. again. 

Gather your documents first and then make an appointment online to present it at your INM office. Attend your immigration meeting with two witnesses to verify how your card was lost, stolen or damaged.

The required documentation is as follows:

  • Original immigration request form, filled online and printed and signed.
  • Identification document that you originally used to obtain the resident card (or other documentation, e.g FMM).
  • Proof of payment of procedural tarifs – original and two copies, see rates below.
  • Formato basico document  – completed, printed and signed

If your original card (or document) was partially or completely damaged or destroyed, add it to the documentation. For cards lost or stolen in Mexico, you should go to the immigration office to make a statement. Whereas, for cards lost or stolen abroad, include the FMM or visitor visa that you travelled back to Mexico on – the original and a copy.

It costs $1359 MX to reposition a temporary or permanent resident card. While the fee for a lost FMM/tourist card is $594 MX.

Make several copies of your documentation and ID for your own records.

For further information about what to do if your Mexican resident card is lost, stolen or damaged, contact

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