Adriana Vela on Expats Like Us Podcast

In this article we share a recent interview with Adriana Vela on navigating Mexican residency and immigration in 2024. The interview is part of a podcast series from Expats Like Us: Life in Mexico ‒  a popular YouTube channel.

An Argentinian national, Adriana has been a resident in Mexico herself since 2012. She has assisted clients with immigration independently via Immigration to Mexico for eight years. Prior to that she provided the same service for a local law firm in Playa del Carmen. She is considered an authority on immigration procedures in various locations in Mexico.

In the interview, Adriana:

  • discusses the differences between permanent and temporary residency.
  • clarifies the difference between citizenship and permanent residency.
  • outline the basic requirements to apply for Mexican citizenship.
  • provides financial requirements for specific US consulates.
  • advises on general requirements for residency.
  • shares information on the current ‘regularization’ opportunity to receive residency with an expired tourist visa.    

… and much more.

The interview also contains real examples from the experiences of hosts, Bob Bosse and Chris Kovalsky, who are residents in Mexico from the US.  

If you are interested in relevant, up-to-date information on navigating Mexican residency and immigration in 2024, this episode is for you

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