In this Mighty Buffalo podcast, Adriana Vela talks about Getting Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico

Mighty Buffalo is a brand that promotes travel for cultural awareness, with a focus on Mexico. Host Travis Scott Luther interviews Adriana on questions that he commonly encounters from his followers.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • Is it necessary to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant?
  • Financial requirements for residency
  • Differences between temporary and permanent residency
  • Working remotely and residency
  • Reasons to immigrate to Mexico
  • How to start the residency process at a Mexican consulate
  • Steps in Mexico to finalize residency at immigration office
  • Family unity procedure to apply from Mexico
  • Documentation requirements including apostillization
  • Residency for children
  • Frequently Asked Questions

This podcast is full of valuable information packed into 45 minutes – access it here. While recorded in 2020, the information was reviewed in 2024 and is still relevant. However, financial figures are for 2020 only. 

Interested listeners are encouraged to review Adriana’s website: where she has more than 50 articles. You are also invited to join her Facebook group of more than 3000 members: Immigration to Mexico, how to do it …

If you require a quotation or consultation, you may contact Adriana directly at

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