Speaking Spanish in Mexico

Many clients often ask me the question “Do I need to learn Spanish when I move to Mexico?”. The answer is ‘no’. It’s not essential. Indeed, many services are provided in English and other languages. However, not all agents at immigration will speak English and documentation is in Spanish. So, for immigration purposes, it is best to get help from a Spanish speaker.

However, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea to learn Spanish when you move to Mexico. These are especially relevant if you intend to become a permanent resident or work there. To begin with, here are just six, as well as some tips to help you pick up the language.

Six reasons why you should learn some Spanish when you move to Mexico:

  • Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country; why not embrace and respect your new home, its people and the culture? 

  • You will understand what is going on around you. This makes daily life less stressful, and more comfortable.

  • You can make friends with the locals. This is the best way to settle into your new home and feel like a local yourself.

  • You won’t be treated like a tourist everywhere you go. That can mean cheaper prices, special deals, and less chance of being ripped off.

  • If you have a problem or get in trouble, you will get help quicker and easier when you can explain what you need. 

  • If you decide to apply for citizenship later, you will need to speak Spanish. Better to start learning now. 

Tips on how to learn Spanish

  • Use online apps and courses (e.g. Duolingo).

  • Join a class – in your home country before you move to Mexico or in your Mexican destination.

  • Make Spanish-speaking friends and practice with locals by participating in local activities, such as sports, dance, card games, or volunteering.

  • Join a conversation or language exchange group with other language learners.

The good thing about these is that you widen your social circle, learn a new skill and who knows what else – keep fit, help someone out, have fun.

Finally, don’t worry! Immigration to Mexico provides services in English and will help you with translation during all your immigration procedures.

For a quote or consultation, email Adriana Vela at info@immigrationtomexico.mx.