In this YouTube interview (in Italian and Spanish) from October 2022, Adriana chats with YouTuber Michela from Spirito Libero in Espatrio. 

Immigration to Mexico for Italians

Adriana and Michela discuss immigration to Mexico for Italians who may be interested in making the move. Watch it here.


Some of the highlights of their conversation include:

  • the advantages of hiring an immigration consultant and what that involves
  • the various types of visa available, and steps involved in obtaining them;
  • permission to work in Mexico;
  • implications for digital nomads;
  • financial requirements

Adriana also explains how to work with her. This 20-minute interview covers most of the questions she typically receives from clients at Immigration to Mexico. 

View the interview: Adriana Vela and Spirito Libero in Espatria on Moving to Mexico for Italians

Please note that while Adriana shares information to the best of her knowledge at the time of recording, immigration practices are subject to change. We recommend that you check with your local consulate or contact Adriana directly at for the most relevant  information in your case.


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Michela is the founder of Free Soul Expat/Spirito Libero in Espatria and Casa Karma Yoga. She moved to Mexico in 2021. She documents her story and shares her yoga practices on her YouTube channels: Spirito Libero In Espatrio and Casa Karma Yoga

View Adriana’s own YouTube channel at Immigration to Mexico With Adriana Vela