Many people are unaware of the obligation to notify immigration of a change of employer as a resident. Notifications of changes to various personal statuses are obligatory. These include change of address, and change of civil status.

In the case of change of employer, notification must take place within 90 days of the change. This also includes if you become self-employed. Follow the steps below.

  1. Secure an appointment at your closest INM office. In Playa del Carmen, at the time of writing, we recommend arriving around 8 am to get one.

  2. Prepare your documentation:

  • Resident’s card and copy

  • Passport and copy

  • Signed declaration regarding change of employer. Use the template from the INM website.

  • Procedure request form: complete online at, download and sign.

  • Contract or documentation proving change of employer, specifying start date, name and address of employer, place of work, job title.

  • Copy of the constancia de inscripción de empleador, including their number on the register. (Your employer must be authorized to recruit foreigners).

  • Proof of home address and copy. A utility bill dated no older than 90 days prior to your appointment is best.


Make copies of all documentation, also for yourself. Immigration will present a data privacy form for signature too. 

Arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment and present your documentation to the agent when called.

Upon verification, you will sign a form confirming the change. You then receive a confirmation of the paperwork registration with a reference number. A few days later you will receive an email with a link and password. Use these to download a final resolution communication for your records. 

Please note that it is obligatory to notify immigration of a change of employer every time. There is no charge for this procedure. 

For further information on your INM procedures, contact Adriana at