“When I leave or enter Mexico, should I show my resident card at the airport?” Many clients ask me this, and my answer is always “YES”! You should always bring your passport and resident card when you travel in or out of Mexico. 

When You Leave Mexico

When you depart, before you go through security, make sure you go to immigration and to announce your departure. In the past, the INM agent would give you an FMM form (Forma Migratoria Multiple). The form consists of two parts. Upon boarding, you will have to give the lower part of the form to the immigration agents/boarding staff. It is crucial that you keep the upper part with you for your return to Mexico.

However, this is being phased out now in most airports across Mexico, and you may simply get an exit stamp in your passport, or not at all.

When You Enter Mexico

When you return, if you received the FMM form, return it to the immigration agent, complete with your name, flight info, etc. at the immigration booth. As usual, you must also show your passport and resident card.

If you didn’t receive an FMM form upon your exit, simply present your passport and resident’s card to the immigration agent.

If you are completing an immigration procedure, or wish to have the FMM as a proof of entry, you can download it here: 

Beware! In some airports (Cancun and CDMX), electronic kiosks are now provided for tourists with passports from US and Canada. DO NOT use these machines if you are a resident, or you risk losing your resident status! Residents should always present themselves to an immigration agent. 

Do not forget to show your resident card when you leave or enter Mexico. You will jeopardise your status as resident if you do not show your card. If this happens, you will be treated as a tourist and experience several ensuing problems. 

With all that said, happy travels!

For further information on residency in Mexico, read: Pros and Cons of Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico.

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