FMM (Forma Migratoria Multipla)

The FMM (Forma Multipla Migratoria), also sometimes known as a visitor’s permit, tourist card, or mistakenly as a tourist visa, is a Mexican immigration document. When visiting Mexico (from a country that doesn’t require a visa) or as a resident, you need one when entering and exiting the country. However, it is used differently for visitors and residents.

FMM for Visitors and Tourists

Whether you enter the country, you will have to complete this form before you reach immigration at your point of entry. The form is distributed on airplanes entering Mexico. You may also complete it digitally and download it for submission by visiting: It is available online in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

The immigration agent will stamp the card to validate it, and indicate how many days you can stay in Mexico (maximum 180). Extensions are not possible even if you receive fewer than 180 days. You will receive back one portion of the card. The agent will retain the other half.

It is important that you keep the card with your passport and other travel documents. You must present it again at the airport when you leave the country after your visit. Failure to do so will result in an additional tax. Locate the immigration office to do this before you check in. Once the form has been verified by the agent along with your travel documents then proceed to the check-in. If you have lost or had the form stolen or damaged, you will be charged a tax of approximately $25 USD.  

If you do not leave Mexico before the FMM expires, you risk problems with immigration, including a fine and/or deportation, should you be checked. Contact immigration well ahead of your flight if you have overstayed your visit, in order to deal with any resulting taxes or paperwork. 

Forma Migratoria Múltiple for Residency Applicants – IMPORTANT

If you have applied for residency at a Mexican consulate in your home or another country, you will receive a visa in your passport. This allows you to enter Mexico for 30 days to finish the procedure. This step of the procedure is called canje. It refers to the exchange of the visa in your passport for a resident card.

When entering Mexico for the first time in order to complete the canje procedure you will also need to fill out an FMM to enter Mexico. Be careful at this stage. You are not entering Mexico as a visitor or tourist. Do not tick that box on the form. Instead, check CANJE. If you are unsure, leave these boxes blank and consult with the immigration agent when you arrive. When you mistakenly check tourist instead of canje, you will invalidate your visa. This means you enter Mexico as a tourist and have to begin your procedure all over again. 

Once your entry is approved, the immigration agent will retain one half of the form and give you the other. Keep this safe. You must present it at your local immigration office along with your temporary visa, other application documentation and passport when completing the canje procedure. Once approved and finalized, immigration will give you a resident’s card in exchange for your FMM and the visa in your passport will be invalidated.

FMM for Residents

The Forma Migratoria Múltiple also applies to temporary and permanent residents in Mexico. However, it works differently – practically in reverse. When leaving the country, visit the immigration agent at the airport before checking in. They will give you the form to complete and get stamped by them. With this, you can proceed to check in as usual. When boarding the plane, one portion will be retained by staff at the gate. You hold on to the other portion. Keep it safe when traveling. You will have to submit this other half along with your resident card and passport when re-entering Mexico. 

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