Moving to Mexico or any new country can be a daunting experience. There are lots of factors to consider – for instance, location, housing, healthcare, finances and the language. Then there’s the official side of immigration – paperwork. The procedure in Mexico is not difficult compared to some countries, but it can take time. Some knowledge of Spanish is usually necessary. Therefore, for many people, a facilitator, consultant or immigration lawyer can ease the experience greatly. This guide will help you decide if and how to hire immigration assistance.

Immigration Facilitator or Immigration Lawyer?

Many lawyers in Mexico offer immigration services. However, for regular immigration purposes, it doesn’t make any difference if you use a facilitator or lawyer. Residency and citizenship do not require legal representation, but rather knowledge of the immigration system. So, unless you get into legal difficulty with migration or during the procedure, there is no need to hire a lawyer specifically. 

Why Hire Assistance?

Language barrier

The Mexican government website and immigration forms are in Spanish. In Playa del Carmen, the agents usually speak limited English. If you don’t speak Spanish well, you will likely struggle. A facilitator/consultant will communicate with agents on your behalf and complete all paperwork. This will take away the challenges of the language barrier.

Waiting times

Since the immigration authority’s appointment booking system is now offline, one must queue to get an appointment for applications and fingerprints. A facilitator/consultant will take care of this for you too. This means you won’t waste time in line just to get an appointment time.  

Complete and correct paperwork

Applicants often get turned away by agents for missing or incorrectly completed paperwork. Sometimes this can imply waiting for another appointment. Immigration lawyers or facilitators will ensure this doesn’t occur by completing all paperwork for you.

Questions to ask a prospective immigration facilitator or lawyer

Finally, it is important that you know what to expect from your immigration assistance and what they expect from you. Find a facilitator who comes well recommended and who you trust. Don’t hesitate to ask the following questions before committing to working together.

Can you show me some references?

What are your fees?

What are the expected waiting times?

When do I need to be available for you?

What documentation do you need from me – and by when?

How will we stay in touch?

What are the immigration fees?

If you have other questions, ask your consultant. Above all, you both should be comfortable and transparent working together. 

In conclusion, it is not always necessary to hire assistance for your immigration. However, to avoid delays, language issues and misunderstandings, and save time and energy, it can be a good idea.

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