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Immigration to Mexico from the US, Canada and other locations, such as Argentina, is increasing. Mexico’s immigrant population is diverse and everyone has their own reasons for doing it. For some, it’s more about leaving their old lives behind in their home country. For others, Mexico specifically, is an attractive land of opportunity. In this article, we explore who is likely to leave the US and Canada for Mexico and why.

Who Immigrates to Mexico?


Mexico is a hot spot for retirees from the US and Canada who want their pension to go further. The cost of living in other North American countries compared to Mexico is significantly higher. Many pensioners are struggling to survive on their pensions and their quality of life is decreasing at home. In Mexico, that all changes. A US pension will generally allow for better value accommodation and utilities, regular socialising, quality healthcare, and some financial flexibility. Pensioners who relocate to Mexico find themselves in the company of many similarly aged and minded people. And with cheap flights back to the US and Canada, family is never too far away. San Miguel de Allende and Playa del Carmen are popular destinations for this age group.


Although many retirees fit into this category, snowbirds can be any age.  Snowbirds come from countries with cold climates that they escape during the winter. Mexico’s warm coasts are popular locations for snowbirds who leave the cold behind for up to six months of the year. If you hold temporary or permanent Mexican residency you can enter and exit the country unconditionally. The maximum stay for tourists is 180 days.


More and more US and Canadian families with young children are also immigrating to Mexico. There are many private and international schools in the popular expat locations. They are often bilingual and fees are generally significantly less than in the rest of North America. Parents value the unique cultural experience their children gain by living in a foreign country. The lower cost of living also means many families enjoy a better quality of life and can spend more time together.


According to the World Bank, Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America. It is a strong worldwide player in the real estate, tourism and fintech industries, and a supporter of start-ups and innovation. Many entrepreneurs from the US and Canada see Mexico as a promising market for investment and development. Its low cost of living also makes it an attractive base for those starting out on a new venture. Quintana Roo specifically has been targeting the so-called digital nomad market. Popular initiatives that attract mobile, online workers are co-working spaces and ‘nomad’ events. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many remote workers have chosen Mexico as their base.

Needless to say there are many reasons to immigrate to Mexico; the food, warm, welcoming people, and outstanding nature are all attractions. We listed a few more in our blog:10 Simple Reasons to Move to Mexico. 

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