Enjoy the INAPAM discount card

One of the perks of residency in Mexico is local or resident pricing and discounts. This is particularly attractive if you live in areas such as the Riviera Maya where costs are higher due to tourism. However, permanent residents over 60 can enjoy even more and greater benefits with an INAPAM discount card. 

INAPAM is the Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores. In English, it’s the National Institute for Older Adults. This government department supports senior citizens in Mexico via schemes such as health and wellbeing programmes, social events and a discount card. Learn more about INAPAM’s services from the official website: https://www.gob.mx/inapam/ 

Most foreign residents already enjoy a lower cost of living in Mexico. Then add resident and additional INAPAM discounts to those, and expenses can be drastically reduced for retirees.

Some government services ensure discounts to all INAPAM members. Depending on the location, some businesses will also offer INAPAM discounts (upon presentation of the card and valid ID).

Show your INAPAM card everywhere you go

It doesn’t hurt to ask, so present your INAPAM card wherever you spend money to see if they accept it. Don’t wait to be asked for it. Commonly it is accepted for:

  • Local services and utilities: depending on location, some taxes and services are discounted, e.g. property tax, water, etc.

  • Transport: buses, airlines, tour companies and travel agents1

  • Hospitality: hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars

  • Sights and attractions: museums, archaeological sites, parks, cinemas and galleries

  • Shopping: supermarkets, mall stores, even local convenience and grocery stores might accept them

  • Pharmacies and healthcare providers

  • Professional services: law firms, accountants, trade suppliers (plumbers, electricians).  


How to apply for an INAPAM discount card

Apply for an INAPAM card at your local office. It’s free! 

The INAPAM office in Playa del Carmen is located at Av. 40 esq. calle 28, col. Gonzalo Guerrero, Playa del Carmen.  Call  984 803 56 45. It is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Otherwise, consult the INAPAM website to find other office locations: https://www.gob.mx/inapam/acciones-y-programas/modulos-inapam-a-nivel-nacional

Remember, applicants must be 60 or over, so bring an official ID which clearly states your date of birth/age. Also bring the following:

  • Permanent resident’s card

  • CURP number

  • Proof of your current address in the form of a recent utility bill

  • Two recent photos in the same child-size format as required for your resident’s card (infantil size)

Once approved, your card will be ready in a few days.

Finally, and above all: enjoy! Don’t forget to make full use of your new INAPAM discount card and its benefits. 

* Please note that conditions will vary from office to office. There may be additional restrictions in place when applying, due to COVID-19. Therefore, we recommend that you verify requirements and waiting times at your local office.

For more info on residency benefits, email Adriana Vela at info@immigrationtomexico.mx