It is now possible to apply for temporary residency in Mexico via an expired tourist visa. Regularization of expired document (for temporary residency) is a new immigration procedure currently underway. Apparently, it is in response to many stranded tourists in Mexico due to the pandemic, who want to stay here. In Spanish it is Regularizacion de documento vencido.

Residency via an Expired Tourist Visa

It is different from other temporary residency procedures because of its conditions. For example, applicants must already be in Mexico with expired tourist visas (FMM). Also, applicants should be unable to apply for residency at a Mexican consulate (appointments are scarce currently), or return to their countries.

The procedure takes about two – three months to process. It grants four years of temporary residency immediately. After four years, you can apply for permanent residency. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to obtain residency for those who meet the conditions. Locally, it is available in Playa del Carmen and Cancun for now. Let’s explore all the benefits of this new procedure.  


Once resident, you enjoy all the usual advantages of temporary residency.

Conveniently, you begin the process in Mexico without leaving to visit a consulate abroad. However, do note that you can’t leave Mexico while the procedure is underway.

Proof of economic solvency is not required.

Temporary residency is granted immediately for four years. (Normally, it is for one year, and renewable for three years.)

After four consecutive years of temporary residency, you can apply for permanent residency.

You may also apply for temporary residency with a work permit if you have a job offer.


You must hold an expired FMM (tourist visa).

First off, make an appointment to start the process at your local immigration office.

The cost is 13,129 Mexican pesos. This includes a fine for the expired visa, and immigration processing fees. You pay the fees up-front, regardless of whether your application is eventually approved.

Applicants must not have any other immigration procedures pending.

Applicants must be accompanied by two witnesses at a later appointment.  

If you fulfill the conditions and this procedure interests you, we can help. Contact Adriana at for more info