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The process to renew a temporary resident card should begin within the month before it expires. Consult this article for further details: Steps to Take Before Your Temporary Residency Expires. In this article, we outline what happens if your card expires before you renew. The procedure is called temporary residency regularization.

Temporary Residency Regularization 

My card expired and I’m not in Mexico 

If you are not in Mexico when your card expires, you must return within 55 days of the expiry date so as not to lose your resident status entirely. After arrival, you must show your expired document to the immigration entry-point agents. Most importantly, DO NOT get a tourist visa upon entry. You will then have five days to start the renewal procedure at a local immigration office (INM). As usual, you need to prepare all the necessary paperwork. This includes the online form, letter of request, personal data form, original and copy of your passport, expired resident card, photos and proof of payment of INM fees (payable at the beginning and end of the process). It is advisable to go to the INM office and get complete clarification about documentation. Check these guidelines too. 

I’m in Mexico and my card expired

If you are in Mexico when your temporary resident card expires, you will have 60 days to start the process of regularization to get a new one. The required paperwork is the same as that noted above. However, you have to pay INM taxes at the beginning and the end of the process. It is advisable to go to the INM office and get complete clarification about documentation. Check these guidelines too. 

Some weeks after your application, you will receive an email from the INM instructing you about a fine to be paid at a bank. The payment forms are available online. After paying the fine, submit the proof of payment to the INM office and receive confirmation that you have fulfilled their requirements. 

Paperwork, payment and witnesses              

Following that, you’ll receive another email telling you to attend an appointment to explain why you did not renew your resident card on time. You will also need to bring two witnesses with you. The witnesses should bring their ID, or their resident cards if they are not Mexican nationals.

IMPORTANT: you cannot leave the country during this regularization process. You must remain in Mexico until you get your new resident card. On the Riviera Maya, it will be issued several months after the application.

If this is your case, or for further explanation of regularization or a quote, please email Adriana Vela at info@immigrationtomexico.mx or call 984 169 5375.