What to do with your resident card when you want to fly out of or return to Mexico? 

Many clients ask me if they have to show their resident cards at the airport when they Fly Out Of or Arrive in Mexico. 

My answer is, “YES”

It is very important to take this into account, you must always bring your passport and RESIDENT CARD when you travel in or out of Mexico. 

When you depart, immigration will give you a form (FMM) to fill in. This is a form like the one you fill in as a tourist before arriving in Mexico. This form consists of two parts.

Before boarding, you will have to leave the lower part of the form to the immigration agents.

It is crucial to take into account that the upper part has to be kept with you until your return to Mexico. 

When you come back, you must leave this form filled in with your name, flight info, etc. at the immigration booth, and also show your passport and RESIDENT CARD. 

Never forget your RESIDENT CARD when you travel, as you will loose your status of resident if you do not show your card. 

If this happens, you will return to your tourist status and the ensuing problems that will go with that. 

Hoping all this is clear, I wish you happy travels…

Please, consult me in case of doubts or enquiries…