In this My New Life in Mexico series, Immigration to Mexico clients share their experiences with us. In this edition from June 2020 we meet Carol Watson. Originally from the UK, and a former long-term resident of the U.S., Carol Watson immigrated to Mexico in 2018 with her husband. She now resides in Playa del Carmen.

Read Part 1 below of Carol’s insightful interview about their decision to move to Mexico, and the differences between life here and in the U.S.

In Part 2 she shares her experience going through the immigration process and her advice for others thinking of doing the same. Read on to meet Carol! 

Tell us about why you made the decision to move to Mexico.

Four years ago, my husband and I had the typical middle-class life in California; a nice home, we both were working full-time, and took a vacation twice a year. We’d been to Mexico many times and obviously loved it here.

But then I had a health scare and found out I had progressive disease. My husband asked, “What do you want to do?” And I said, “I want to take a month’s vacation and go somewhere and just reflect on what we want to do with our life moving forward”. So we came here. We’d been to Mexico, but we always stayed in all-inclusives. So, this time we actually rented a condo here and it really changed my outlook on life. It made me realize what it was like to live in Mexico – to go out and meet some of the locals, what a happy place it was, and how people were just different, so much more relaxed. I guess you’d say that I found my happy place.

What would be the main differences between your life currently in Mexico and your former life?

Oh, so many differences! When we were in California, we just worked and worked and worked. My husband was already past retirement age and he was still working, so that we could continue to live a good lifestyle. We had a nice home, nothing majorly big, two vacations a year: one to Mexico, and one to the UK to visit family. We didn’t have a lot of social life because when you both work you’re so busy. Also we didn’t go out very much because it’s so expensive. We’d maybe do happy hour once a week. We’d get together with friends in their homes.

The biggest difference is being able to afford so much more and have a way better lifestyle than we ever could have afforded in California. I think a lot of people find that when they retire, they just stay home and watch TV and basically do nothing, because they don’t have the finances. At least that was our case. We could have paid our home off when we’re retired, but then we would have had very little money to really have fun. And because of the reasons we moved here in the beginning, my personal reasons, I just wanted a new lease on life.

It’s so much more relaxing. People are friendly and so welcoming. I got peace and solace from seeing that the Mexican families, some of whom are so poor, are so happy. They’ve always got a smile on their faces. They enjoy every blessing they’ve got; they enjoy their families. It just gave me a whole new outlook. Instead of listening to people complaining and being negative, I found that in Mexico people are happy. The people we meet either live here and they’re happy or they’re on vacation. It makes for a happy atmosphere wherever you go. It’s just a whole different lifestyle and it’s everything I ever dreamed of.


Part 2

Carol’s immigration process and advice for others thinking of moving to Mexico.

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