It’s a new year and the Mexican Immigration Office (IMN) has updated its fees. In this post, we have translated the 2020 fees list for you, so you have no surprises. While some immigration procedures require two payments, others require a one-off payment. That is, the paperwork processing will require a fee, and the issue of a document may require another. Therefore, we advise double-checking with your local INM office or immigration consultant, to be sure.

Additional Documentation

In addition to paying the relevant fees, most procedures require you to submit official documentation, photos and proof of identity. Therefore, we advise you to leave plenty of time when preparing for these procedures. Indeed, some documents may also need to be translated or legalized. If you are outside Mexico when applying, consult this blog beforehand: Documents you need to bring with you when you move to Mexico.

If you are unsure about what kind of immigration status you should apply for, then check out our articles on permanent and temporary residency, and regularization.

At Immigration to Mexico, we guide you through every step of the process. We make your immigration journey as easy and stress-free as possible.

Mexican Immigration Fees 2020

Receipt and assessment of request and, if relevant, issue of the immigration document

Visitor with permit to perform remunerated activities

$3,207 MX

Visitor for adoption purposes

$3,111 MX

Temporary Residency


a)  Up to one year

$4,271 MX

b)  two years

$6,400 MX

c)   three years

$8,106 MX

d)     four years

$9,607 MX

Permanent Residency

$5,206 MX

Change of Status

Receipt and assessment of request and, if relevant, authorization to change status

$1,365 MX

Regularization of Immigration Status

Receipt and assessment of request and, if relevant, regularization of immigration status

$1,365 MX

Certificates, Permits and Authorizations

Certificate of confirmation of immigration status

$437 MX

Permission to exit and return to Mexico

$437 MX

Authorization to perform remunerated activities as a temporary resident or temporary resident student

$3,207 MX

Authorization of change of status to temporary resident, when the applicant is a minister of worship or belongs to a religious association (yearly)


$1,012 MX

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